Treasure Coast Mushroom

History of Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms
Like many other magic mushroom strains, the history of Treasure Coast is a little mysterious. What is known is that these mushies come from Florida. More specifically, they hail from the Southern Gulf Coast of Florida. Legend has it that these beauties were discovered growing out of horse dung near the coast. Buy Treasure Coast Mushroom Online Phoenix

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The only thing is, we don’t know who exactly found these excellent mushrooms. Whoever they were, they must have had a passion for mycology. That’s because they took the mushrooms and began to culture them. They then dubbed the mushrooms’ Treasure Coast’ and began sending spore prints to other amateur mycologists. The rest was history as Treasure Coast magic mushrooms became legendary as more people began growing the strain.

The Appearance of Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms
Treasure Coast magic mushrooms are distinct because of their density. Although these mushrooms don’t grow tall, they grow out wide. You’ll recognize Treasure Coast shrooms from their thick stems and moderately-wide caps. The caps themselves are a light caramel colour. treasure coast psilocybe cubensis​

However, once you receive your Treasure Coast magic mushrooms, you may notice some differences. For starters, you’ll see that your magic mushrooms are completely dry.

Treasure Coast Mushroom
In order to preserve the shrooms, they must be completely dehydrated. The other thing you may notice is bluish or greenish spots.

These spots are called bruises, and they’re totally natural. They happen when the psilocybin within the mushrooms reacts with oxygen.

This can happen during transportation, storage, or harvest. If you see bruises on your magic mushrooms, then no worries, they don’t affect safety or potency. Where to buy Treasure Coast Mushroom Online

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Effects
Set sail for an epic mushroom journey with Treasure Coast magic mushrooms. These fantastic mushies bring you to a state of pure euphoria and laughter. Alongside the joy you’ll feel is a body high that is relaxing and not too overwhelming. From there, you’ll experience intense visuals depending on your dose. Buy Treasure Coast Mushroom Online Phoenix

Expect color explosions, fractals, and geometric patterns that splash across your vision.

Taking Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Recreationally
Treasure Coast is a strain that’s perfect for recreational use. The potency of Treasure Coast is well balanced for a recreational experience.

After all, a recreational dose of magic mushrooms shouldn’t be too intense. With that in mind, it’s best to take a smaller amount of Treasure Coast magic mushrooms. avery albino mushrooms dosage​

The body high of this strain makes it perfect for a relaxing day at home or the beach. Make sure you have friends with you because the pure euphoria will make everything a blast.

Even at low doses, you’ll feel pure contentment and a strong bond with the people around you. Just make sure that you keep safety in mind when taking magic mushrooms.

Never take a dose before getting behind the wheel, and bring supplies wherever you go. Remember that a magic mushroom experience can last up to six hours, so be prepared.

Taking Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Spiritually
If you want to experience true healing from magic mushrooms, then you’re looking for a spiritual experience. A spiritual magic mushroom trip is one that can be potentially life-changing.

This experience can bring you deep within your own mind. From there, you can make realizations and look at past events with a clear and unbiased view.

However, going on a spiritual trip requires some preparation. This preparation can be boiled down into a concept called set and setting.

Where to Buy Treasure Coast Mushroom
Basically, you need to be in both the right mindset and in a familiar place. On top of that, you’ll also need to take a much larger dose than you may be comfortable with.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself as much as possible beforehand. We recommend reading a guide and learning all about what you might experience.

It’s always a good idea to have one sober person to look after you. This person is known as the trip sitter, and they can help get you out of difficult moments.

Once you have everything ready, all you’ll need to do is grab your pack of Treasure Coast magic mushrooms. The Treasure Coast strain is perfect for spiritual journeys to the furthest reaches of your mind and beyond.

How to Dose Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms
Dosing Treasure Coast magic mushrooms is straightforward. It’s estimated that Treasure Coast has about average potency for a Psilocybe cubensis strain.

That means that you can use this general P. cubensis dosing chart:

.25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
.25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
2.5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)
Beginners should stay in the 1-2 gram range for the first dose. This will allow for a good introduction to the world of magic mushrooms.

However, those who just want to get their feet wet should stay under one gram, just in case.

More experienced psychonauts will likely be able to take their usual dose. We recommend starting around 2.5 grams of this strain if you’re intermediate. fastest colonizing magic mushroom​

Those looking for a spiritual experience will likely need to take 3.5 grams or possibly more.

A True Psychedelic Voyage
Here at Shroom Bros, we carry and sell only the best magic mushrooms online in Canada. We take pride in finding and growing the best strains across the world. fastest colonizing magic mushroom​

Treasure Coast is a strain that’s a special one for us. After all, it’s a treat to grow and one of the best strains to take.

If you’re ready to try one of the best magic mushroom strains available, then grab a pack of Treasure Coast—today.

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